Aqotango Launch & Quinuoa Quook-Off Quontest!

Were you one of the lucky few to get a sneak-peek pint of our Aqotango beers made with Quinoa?

It's an amazing grain, a veritable superfood (no, it doesn't make beer healty unfortunately),  which imparts a wonderful lightly-sweet nutty flavor to beer, while adding no gluten.  We've used it as the prime ingredient now for three beers -- an Amber, Pale, and IPA.  And this March 25th we'll have all 3 on tap togehter at the taproom for our official Launch party.

Better yet, we're wrapping a full-blown Pot-Luck-Dinner Party and contest around this launch!  Bring in and share your own dish made with Quinoa, for a chance to win one of three "Best Beer Pairing" awards -- a new 64oz growler filled with your paired beer.

Festivities kick-off at 2PM with guided tastings at 3 and 5, and Food Sharing from 4 to 6. All who partake in food will be asked to sign a waiver (sad we have to do this, but otherwise noone would be able to share any food!).   Reservations are not required but highly encouraged.