The craft beer market is on fire.  Up 22% by dollars last year, and riding double digit growth since just after the turn of the century, it might seem too late to get in on a good thing.  But amazingly, it isn't.

Courtesy of the big guys, we are a country of nearly two hundred million beer drinkers, and 85% of them have yet to drink craft.  So there's still a lot growth in America, where we've got a craft share still far below that of most other OECD countries.

Better yet, the rise of craft is far from an American phenomenon -- just check out much of Asia, Northern Europe, and South America. Things have only just begun to get good.

And at Schubros we're seeing, and very much enjoying this revolution.  Demand is many times what we could possibly supply, and we turn down a good three or four growth opportunities for every one we can actually pursue.  The problem is capacity, and it's an albatross we're looking to finally cast aside (at least for the next 10 years).  Hence the new round of equity sales we recently filed with the SEC and California.  It's time to build that bigger brewery.

                         Just a few of our current customers.

Interested in getting in on the action? Schubros Brewery is currently selling Series B Preferred Shares, and we are looking to bring you on-board if you meet SEC Accredited Investor qualifications

Schubros Brewery was founded in 2012, and won San Ramon's Best Small Business (2014), the East Bay's Best Brewpub (2014), Contra Costa County Small Businessman of the Year (2014) and received the Assembly of the Republic of California's Best Businesssman recognition (2014).

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